individual services


Chelsey specializes in Oncology Nutrition but as a career in the field of clinical nutrition requires, she is well versed in many clinical areas.

  • Oncology nutrition prevention 
  • Oncology nutrition during treatment: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, surgery 
  • Oncology nutrition for survivorship
  • General health goals
  • Weight management (gain or loss)
  • Diabetes management
  • Bone health 
  • Heart disease management (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic heart failure, etc.) 
  • Education on various diets: Plant-based, FODMAPs, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Ketogenic, etc.
  • Supplement and vitamin evaluations 
  • Dietary evaluation and planning

speaking engagements


Chelsey loves spreading nutrition knowledge and educating people through presenting. Chelsey has experience speaking to consumers, healthcare professionals, organizations and on podcasts. Contact Chelsey to inquire about public speaking opportunities. 

nutrition press-writing


Chelsey has been featured in many media sources. Whether it is an article for GQ magazine to discuss the latest nutrition trend, or an in depth article to share knowledge to healthcare professionals, Chelsey can contribute evidence-based knowledge to your publication. View the press page for more information.